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Depository Safes MM28203-Drop-E15

Depository Safes MM28203-Drop-E15

The main purpose of a depository safe is to protect money or documents for a limited period of time. Before you choose a depository safe you should consider which type will best benefit your company. Many of the safes range in size or shape and a variety are sold with easy to use digital locks. Larger depository safes or cash safes are generally found in restaurant or retail offices so daily drops can be made easily. At the end of a shift, a manager can account for and then bring the money for deposit in the commercial bank. Smaller deposit boxes are suitable for limited spaces under the register and commonly are a safe option for bills over the $20 limit.

13mm (1/2″) solid steel plate door

Auto door detent

Mail box or rotary drop deposit

Compact to fit in tight places

Product Description

Brief information

Weight: 112kg (247 lbs.)

Inside Dimensions: BOT (H) 9½” x (W)20” x (D)17” [(H)241mm*(W)508mm*(D)432mm]

                                   TOP (H) 11” x (W)20” x (D)17” [(H)280mm*(W)508mm*(D)432mm]

Outside Dimensions: (H) 28” x (W)20½” x (D)20” [(H)711mm*(W)520mm*(D)508mm]

Clear Door: BOT (H) 8½” x (W)16-1/4” [(H)216mm*(W)413mm]

                     TOP (H) 8½” x (W)16-1/4” [(H)216mm*(W)413mm]

Shelves: 0


Standard Features

The best warranty in the business, one year parts and labor.

Heavy duty construction with ½” [12.7mm] solid steel doors.

Handle activated locking mechanism consisting of three 1 [25.4mm] diameter locking bolts.

Bolt detent device automatically engages bolts when doors are closed.

Auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device, activated by a punch attack


Both doors equipped with ESL15 electronic lock. Optional key locks available, offering dual control.

Locks and relocks are protected by a large carburized hardplate.

Formed door jamb and full length dead bar.

Coin racks are standard on inside of storage door.


Fish resistant depository drops accept bulk items, drop envelopes or bags.

Cash drawers and bulky items conveniently fit into both compartments.

Three individual color-coded 4 drops for shift control. Three deposit bins provided.