Burglary Safes 3C100FDG-S Office Business 3c Safe box double doors Thickened Safes

3C100FDG-S burglary safes are the high security 3c safes which are thicker and stronger than common security safes, such as home safes, dorm safes, hotel safes, jewelry safes, depository boxes and safes, etc.


Product Description

Brand: JUNBA

Model: 3C100FDG-S

Grade: 3c rated

Protection: pure steel burglar safe without fire resistance and water resistance

Mix Offer: 5000 pcs/month

1) Material

- low-carbon alloy steel plate

- high-quality steel parts

- non-toxic plastic parts

2) Process

- laser cutting

- one-step forming by cold bending

- phosphating antisepsis and plastic spraying

3) Lock

- mechanical lock

- digital smart lock (default fitting)

- biometric smart lock

4) Size & Weight

- Exterior size: 800mm height *470mm width *420mm depth

- Interior size: 335mm height *460mm width *320mm depth (upper) & 520mm height *460mm width *320mm depth (lower)

- Net weight: 120±2kg

5) Thickness

- body 5mm

- door 10mm

6) Common color

- white

- golden

- black

- bronze

7) Application

- Indoor: family, hotel, office, workshop, apartment, classroom, laboratory, bank, etc.

- Transportation facilities: car, train, plane, ship and even spacecraft, etc.

8) Accessory

- 2 expansion anchor bolts for fitting safes on the wall

- emergency external power supply unit (only for electronic ones)

- 4 AA batteries (only for electronic ones)

9) Standard option:

- Custom Silk screen logo: Please contact us for MOQ and additional cost.

- Please contact us if you have other needs.