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Some advice of selecting Safe Deposit Box

Nov 04, 2017

Nowadays,there are more various Safe Deposit Box in our life.But it still exist some poor quality safe box.So how to choose the safe deposit box is very important.

First, steel material selection: Good steel materials has strong ability to bear the damage to the drill and saws and other professional tools, we can roughly determine the safety of the steel plate from the good or bad.

Second, molding and welding: the larger the gap between the door and the door frame, the weaker the tamper of this safe, this point needs us to pay attention.

Third, anti-rust treatment: This procedure has great effect on the appearance of the larger box (on the anti-theft function also has a corresponding impact).Generally, good quality safe box do not have such problems.

Fourth, the anti-theft mechanism: anti-theft element is the safe deposit box is the largest and most important feature, because in the box for many reasons, many users can not detect it, but it is safe to prevent the technical opening of the decisive factor that requires extra attention.

Our safe box with intelligent electronic code lock and six generation biometric fingerprint unlock.We supply all kinds of security safes and residential safes. Welcome to follow us to know more knowledge about it.

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