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How To Use Your Safe Box Better?

Mar 15, 2018

1 When turning the mechanical code lock of burglar fire safes, it is necessary to calm down with meditation, and do not rotate it vigorously. At the same time, note the direction and number of times. If you accidentally exceed the marking line, do not rewind. You must restart.

2 The best practice to set the password is to open the safe door. After the password is set, you should enter the new password several times and confirm, then lock the door.

3 Do not lock the manual or emergency key into the safe.

4 When the alarm device is in use, the internal switches and electronic components should not be arbitrarily moved and the sound should be reduced to indicate that the battery is used up and replaced in case of emergency. If false alarms occur, the sensitivity can be appropriately lowered.

5 When in burglar and fire rated safe, using an external battery for a long period of time , we should remove the battery from the battery compartment.

burglar and fire rated safe