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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Installing The Safe?

Mar 21, 2018

1.According to the wall, correctly judge whether need to install the security safes.

Many consumers of security safe box have been wrong in thinking that safes must be installed. First safe installation must meet the conditions that metope to be fixed is bearing wall, in order to ensure the strength and quality of the fixed installation.

2.Safes is more than 45 cm. 

More than 45 regular burglary safe 3C has a certain weight; it can choose not to install.

3. Before the safe is installed and fixed, remove the machine foot at the bottom of the safe and the caster at the bottom of the safe box, so that there is no gap at the bottom of the safe after the safe is installed and fixed, which is more effective for preventing the safe from being pried.

4. Choose a suitable, hidden position to install fixed safe. It is best to the left and back of the safe and fixed against the wall at the same time, the best anti - prizing, anti-theft effect. If you can make furniture cover outside the safe, it is also a good choice for safes .

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