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What Kind Of Safes Is Better?

Mar 19, 2018

Security safesare safe cabinets that contain valuables or confidential documents and are widely used in various fields of social life. Here we come to know the safe boxes.

Anti-theft safes including financial safe box, hotel cabinet are based on different password working principles.

The mechanical lock

Mechanical locks are divided into two types, key-inserted and password-locked. The history of key insertion is similar to that of ordinary locks. Mechanical code locks usually have three to six passwords and do not require a key.

The advantage of mechanical locks is that they are cheaper, more reliable, and easier to use.

The electronic lock

Electronic lock is a new type of lock that applies electronic locks such as electronic passwords and IC cards to safes (boxes). There is a square keyboard on the safe door, which can be opened by pressing the door of the password safe. 

The advantage of the electronic lock is that it is easy to use and not easily stolen. Electronic locks are widely used in places such as hotels and supermarkets that require frequent replacement of passwords.

One of the biggest drawbacks of electronic code locks is that they are easy to fear destruction. If you destroy them with a little force, you can't use them anymore. Even if the owner of the safe can't be opened, it's very troublesome to replace the locks. Usually the safe is obsolete. 

The fingerprint lock and pupil lock

Fingerprint locks and pupil locks are newly developed locks. Their greatest advantage is that they are not easily stolen.

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