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Burglar & Fire Rated Safe MBF2020C Burglar & Fire Rated Safe MBF2020C Burglar & Fire Rated Safe MBF2020C

Burglar & Fire Rated Safe MBF2020C

Mainly for North American and European markets

Burglary and Fire Safes offer a unique design that combines all the security features of a burglary safe and the peace of mind achieved with a fire safe. The CSC & MBF Series Burglar Safes are designed to protect all your valuable possessions against both theft and any fire emergency.

Product Description

Brand of Burglar Safes: Junba (or OEM)

Model of Burglar Safes: MBF2020C

Grade: Burglar & Fire Rated

Protection: RSC burglary protection & 120-minute fire protection

Mix Offer: 2000 pcs/month

1) Material

- low-carbon alloy steel plate

- high-quality steel parts

- non-toxic plastic parts

2) Process

- laser cutting

- one-step forming by cold bending

- phosphating antisepsis and plastic spraying

3) Lock

- mechanical lock

- digital smart lock (default fitting)

- biometric smart lock

4) Size & Weight

- External size: 571.50mm(H) * 558.80mm(W) * 558.80mm(D) [22.50" H X 22.00" W X 22.00" D]

- Internal size: 482.60mm(H) * 482.60mm(W) * 406.40mm(D) [19.00" H X 19.00" W X 16.00" D]

- Net weight: 88±2kg [194 lbs.]

5) Thickness

- 44.45mm body is 1 ¾" thick consisting of a steel plate, lined with fire-resistant material

- 114.30mm door has an overall thickness of 4 ½" encasing steel plates lined with fire-resistant material

6) Common color

- white

- gray

- black

7) Application

- Indoor: family, hotel, office, workshop, apartment, classroom, laboratory, bank, etc.

- Transportation facilities: car, train, plane and even spaceship, etc.

8) Accessory

- One internal counter-sunk anchor hole and mounting hardware are provided to securely anchor safe.

- 4 Pre-drilled anchor holes for additional security

- emergency external power supply unit (only for electronic ones)

- 4 AA batteries (only for electronic ones)

9) Standard option:

- Custom Silk screen logo: Please contact us for MOQ and additional cost.

- Please contact us if you have other needs.