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Precautions for storing famous paintings and calligraphy in safe box

Aug 12, 2017

When the collection of calligraphy and painting, commemorative coins into a trend, it is used to store the safe deposit box is therefore particularly important.

The safe deposit box needs to have some special functions to satisfy the storage of paintings, commemorative coins and other collections.

1, the safe must be equipped with fire protection function. Must be guaranteed within 1000 degrees C can not be internal combustion.

2, as painting and calligraphy belong to hygroscopic substances, if the air is too dry, it will make the painting easy to dry and crack, so the relative humidity between 50%-60% is the best.

3, to prevent moisture, desiccant can be used to absorb moisture, painting, pest control, use repellent agents, to kill pests or pests dare not approach.

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