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CD-ROM in the Security Safes

Dec 11, 2017

That year, an adolescent boy came to Yindu, where he was 14 years old. It was the boy's naughty years. His father taught his son desperately. After being introduced by his friends, his father brought his children to Yindu. His father and principals long talked about silver. All aspects, and finally handed the child's hand in the principal, and agreed that the child pick up each time by his father. Father's love child's heart, touched the principal, parents can not catch up after school, the principal must be with children and so on.

The first studio into the shed was the 14-year-old. He worked diligently, worked hard and worked hard to record a CD for more than 10 hours in the studio. In the spring and autumn, two years after he graduated, he left Silver Capital. Two years later, at the Asian Music Festival in 2000, the 18-year-old took over the most potential from the small studio Tetsuya Tetsuya known as the godfather of music Newcomer Award, ---- he is today's world famous singer Hu Yanbin!

A CD in the safe deposit box that is Hu Yanbin recording studio in silver. Once there was the media, and other people who came out of the wind, want to buy this CD, silver replied "no!" And always say "no"!

CD and his achievements than now, maybe "Sentimental", "imperfect." However, it records the solid foundation of a young, solid, hard-working, and progressive man. Silver said: "This is priceless!"

A common Security Safes,a inspiring story.

Security Safes