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Some Knowledge About Safe Box

Oct 25, 2018

In China, you put the safe such as Financial Cabinet position, the safe put very important, because wealth is everyone must pursue. Put the money box in the home money position, can urge flourishing and enhance the money luck.

Financial Cabinet

The safe box such as Hotel Cabinet door faces south open, safe ark can be put in southeast, safe ark had better put a dot crystal, because crystal not only can collect money gas, it is to the child in the home has benefit and without harm.

Door faces north open, safe ark can be put in the east, had better put a bit ancient book, want to hold to 12 years nevertheless, the child is sure high school number one.

The safe box such aHotel Safe Box door is open to the west, safe can be placed in the east, safe in the best put some mascots, do not put with water items.

The door opens east, safe can be put in northwest, safe had better put a bit mascot in safe, do not put the article that takes water.