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Understand The Principle of Door Lock Unlocking, Anti-Theft And Anti-Theft

Dec 18, 2018

The cases of burglary and robbery happen every year. While the police are stepping up their efforts, the Junba safe also reminds the public to raise their awareness of prevention.

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As a Gun Safe Box Exporter, we will introduce some knowledge about door locks. Usually, the traditional door locks we use are marble locks, also known as marble locks, which are one of the most common lock structures. The principle is to use a number of cylindrical parts of different heights (called lock springs, marbles or beads) to lock the lock cylinder. When the correct key is placed, the lock springs are pushed to the same height and the lock cylinder is released. Whether it is a Class A lock or a Class B Super B lock, several marbles inside are locked.

Regardless of the A-level, B-class, and C-class locks that are common on the market, as long as they have a keyhole, there is a possibility of being turned on. The difference is that the opening time is different. Professionals unlock the A-class lock cylinder for a few seconds, the lock-off time for the B-class lock cylinder is about 5 minutes, and the lock-up time for the C-class lock cylinder is about 200 minutes. If there is no keyhole? Does it mean the failure of illegal unlocking methods such as "wire" and "tin foil"? The basic purpose of the lock is to lock the door, the anti-theft lock can not lock the door, then the meaning of the door lock is lost. There is no keyhole lock, which makes it impossible for lawless elements to start, completely eliminating illegal technical unlocking. The choice of locks is directly related to the safety of family members and the loss of property, which should cause sufficient attention of the residents.

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