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Choose the Safe Maintenance Method, Don't Let It "Small Layer of Skin"

Feb 25, 2019

Some customers purchase safes such as Gun Safe Box that have been lacquered after a period of use. This makes many OCD customers feel unacceptable, so what is the situation with paint falling off? Was it accidentally bumped into it, or was it caused by improper maintenance or maintenance for a long time? These situations are all possible, so what should I do?

The customer used an incorrect maintenance method to maintain the safe. For example, some chemicals will corrode the safe, which will cause the safe to fall off. What is the correct way to maintain the safe? If the surface of the safe is stained and cannot be scrubbed with a chemical solvent, scrub it with a clean cloth and a little detergent. If the surface of the safe is scrubbed with a corrosive chemical solvent, it is easy to crack and discolor the surface of the safe, causing it to oxidize and rust. Therefore, when cleaning the safe, you should pay attention to a little detergent with a clean cloth. Scrub to ensure that it is not corroded, and should also be careful not to expose the safe to corrosive liquids or to place it in a corrosive atmosphere.

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