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What if You Forget My Safe Password?

Sep 21, 2018

1. Opening method of electronic safe such as Hotel Cabinet:

First of all, make sure the password is correct, the battery voltage is sufficient, open the door with the master key and emergency key, there is a reset key inside, and press:

Financial Cabinet

1 enter a new password and press the # key;

Restore factory password. Please input the new password # in turn.

If this cannot be opened, use the emergency opening method:

When the electronic password system fails, you can use the emergency power box to plug the hole directly under the panel, open the emergency lock cover plate in the panel, insert the emergency lock key, turn the emergency key counterclockwise to open the electronic lock, and then open the electronic lock with the door lock normally. Reset the password with the reset button in the box or change the password directly.

2. Opening method of mechanical safe such as Financial Cabinet:

1: turn clockwise for three turns, continue to be aimed at quasi-* *1.

2: turn counterclockwise **1, continue to aim counterclockwise ** 2;

3: directly aim clockwise **3.

Rule: shun - inverse - shun; 3-2-1; Move slowly and over again.

The key is to reverse the second password within 1 or 2 turns, each time to be correct, not more turns less

Don't worry if it's a new safe. New safe ark has manual for certain, have on above manufacturer telephone, can be found out according to safe ark factory number, do not open explain to operate unskillfully.