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Did You Fall For A Few Misconceptions About Buying A Safe?

Nov 05, 2018

(1) mistaken fire protection cabinet such as Gun Safe Box:

To guard against theft, suggest consumer still has the safe cabinet of national mandatory attestation of choose and buy, although the price is higher also, but guard against theft coefficient is better, if deposit prevents valuables, first selection imports fire ark product is better.

(2) model error:

The type of safe such as Hotel Safe Deposit Box is various, price compares should choose the same dimension safe, different brand compares dimension to be close to safe ark, same product sees quality, same quality sees price, safe ark also is such;

(3) appearance error:

Some of the safe such as Household Office Safe Box ark on real market is very hard to differentiate true and false from appearance, be electronic lock likewise, same dimension, why is the price difference not little?

Suggest consumer is buying safe to knock first the door plank of safe ark, see whether hollow, real safe ark and keep ark to knock go up with the hand no matter feel or sound is different.

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