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Working Principle Of Safe Combination Lock

Sep 14, 2018

When you see a Hotel Safe Box For Sale, have you ever thought about how a safe lock works?

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The number of wheels in a wheel group is determined by the number of digits, that is, a wheel represents a number. When you rotate the dial, the spindle rotates to drive the CAM. The drive CAM is connected with a drive pin. As the CAM rotates, the drive pin eventually comes into contact with the small pull TAB on the adjacent wheel, the drive TAB.

Each wheel has a drive plate on either side. The drive pin rotates the first wheel until it touches the adjacent wheel. The process continues until all the wheels rotate. This is called a rotating wheel. Each wheel on the spindle is engraved with a notch. When you dial the correct password, all the wheels and their slots will be fully aligned.

A bar is a small metal bar connected to a lever. The bumper prevents the safe door from being opened if the password is not dialed. To this end, the stopper is resting on the wheel and blocking the movable path of the latch of the safe box door.

When all wheels are aligned, their grooves align to form gaps. On a padlock, this gap allows the latch to loosen. On the safe, there is a piece called a stopper that rests on top of all the wheels. The damper fell into the gap under its own gravity. At this point, you can freely slide the latch to open the safe.

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