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Safe Production Technology

Sep 29, 2018

Do you know the Safe production such as Hotel Safe Box technology?

Steel plate blanking:

It is well known that the raw material of the safe is made of steel plate. Our first process is to purchase large sheets of steel sheet through the shearing machine, cutting into the small plates we need for the next step of processing.

Sheet forming:

Through a variety of punches, molds, bending machines and other machinery equipment, the processing of the safety deposit box, such as: door, box after plate, floor, a variety of mechanisms.

Welding processing:

The various forms of plate materials through the welding technology, the various parts have been formed into a box with a door. Through this process, the initial framework of the safe has been set up.

Surface treatment:

Through each kind of craft carries on the elaboration processing to the safe blank, finally carries on the surface spraying plastics processing to the safe the entire process. Because safe after welding is rough, we will be polished, to slag, due to the safe surface, oil and rust stain, so will be phosphating treatment to achieve the purpose of to oil to rust, because the safe rough surface is rough, so the surface like do furniture to blow be bored with child, and smooth, the high temperature electrostatic pensu processing, formed on the surface of the paint. The process is similar to ironing sewn clothes and cutting out excess stitches.

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