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How To Buy Hotel Safe Deposit Box?

Jul 06, 2018

The Hotel Safe Deposit Box is a kind of article that the hotel provides to ensure the security of the guest's valuables. Therefore, it is very important for the hotel and guests to buy a high-quality guest room safe.

First, the size of the Hotel Cabinet. The size of hotel room safe deposit box is generally less than 450mm, 320mm and 300mm. It is not easy for thieves to move away because it is fixed with the ground or walls by such fixed devices as expansion bolts. Inlaid safe deposit box is inlaid in the wall and has certain concealment

Second, the type of safe. Safe ark has mechanical type commonly, electron type, IC card type wait for a form, general hotel can choose electronic safe deposit box, be helpful for the simple and safe use of guest.

Third, carefully check the appearance of the product, check the appearance of the product from the workmanship, the degree of door joint, whether the box body is polished smooth, the opening of the lock, safety performance and so on.

Fourth, open the outer packing, check whether the product itself with CCC mark, if with the CCC mark, and not the fake CCC mark, it should be safe in the true sense.

Fifth, had better choose and buy the safe of more famous brand. The after-sales service of famous brands is generally in place.

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Hotel Safe Deposit Box