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Safe Manufacturing Process

Sep 05, 2018

The process of making a safe such as Financial Cabinet is very similar to that of making a garment in a tailor's shop. 

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Steel sheet stock: as we all know, the raw material of the safe is made of steel. 

Sheet forming: the small plate is processed into various components required by the safe, such as the door plate, the back plate of the box body, the bottom plate, and various mechanisms by various machines and equipment such as puncher, die and bending machine. 

Welding processing: the various forms of plate materials through the welding technology, the various parts have been formed into a box with a door.

Surface treatment: the whole process of finishing the rough of the safe through various processes, and finally spraying the surface of the safe.

Assembly: assembly is the process of combining the locks and accessories to form a complete and usable safe. General inspection: general inspection is to check the quality process of the safe, whether the safety deposit produced meets the requirements of the company's original design, whether there are omissions of various accessories, whether the paint meets the standard requirements, flexible when using, whether the anti-theft performance is up to the standard, etc. 

Packing warehousing: this process is the last process of producing safe, safe for packaging the inspection, and make it conform to the transportation, storage and other needs, this link is important working procedure, many in the markets safe in the paint, bruised accessories damage factor is often due to packaging, transport caused by unreasonable.

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