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How to choose Home safes

Aug 23, 2017

There are various Home safes ,but how to choose good home safes? There are three conditions here.

1.size selection

About the size selection ,we must consider two factors when we select the size, The first is to consider the size of the items to be stored, especially the maximum size of the length of the deposit.The second is to meet the location requirements of the safe installation, According to our requirements we can choose what we like 

2. anti-theft performance

Anti-theft performance is an important indicator of the safety deposit box, the purchase should pay more attention to view the structure of the bol.Nowadays ,one of the best door bolt design is the design of the wing lockis which can provide double insurance for the insurance device.In addition, we also should pay attention to the steel's thickness of the critical parts, and material selection.

3, steel plate selection

The production of the safety box is mainly steel, we can choose from the plate thickness, material and origin to identify.We also supply safe deposit box, hotel safes, gun cabinet, financial cabinet.If you need, welcome to contact us.