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How to open the safe deposit box

Aug 31, 2017

With the popularity of safe deposit box and now safe deposit box has been acted as anti-theft containers,but also as the role of furniture,more and more non-professionals began to choose to buy a safe deposit box.During use,the most problems encountered is how to open the safe deposit box,The following is the most common fingerprint safe deposit box to tell the following if the problem encountered,How should open the safe deposit box.

When faced with this problem that you can't open the safe deposit box during the use,It can be resolved as follows.

Question one:

After pressing the finger, the system reflects very slow or does not reflect.

Possible causes and remedies:1,the battery undervoltage, please replace the battery; 2, dry fingers, please add water

There are so many reasons,I will Keep to date the artical about how to open the safe deposit box.We also can supply high quaility Hotel Cabinet,Financial Safe Cabinet.If you need it,welcome to contact us.

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