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A Solution Often Used When A Safe Is Not Open

Oct 30, 2018

Conventional opening method of electronic safe such Office Safe Box:(the password must be correct and the battery voltage must be sufficient)

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Open the door with the master key and emergency key, there is a reset key inside, and press:

(1) enter a new password and press #

(2) restore factory password. Please input the new password # in turn

As a Household Office Safe Box suppliers, we want to say if the safe still cannot be opened after this method is tried, the following emergency opening method can be used:

When the electronic password system fails and cannot be used normally, push the emergency lock cover plate in the panel, insert the emergency lock key, turn the emergency key clockwise to open the electronic lock, and then open the electronic lock with the door lock.

General opening method of mechanical safe :(password must be correct)

(1) turn clockwise for three turns, then continue to be against quasi-* *1

(2) turn counterclockwise around **1 and continue to aim counterclockwise at ** 2

(3) aim clockwise directly at **3

Rule: shun - inverse - shun; 3-2-1; Move slowly and over again.

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