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How to Open the Electronic Safe and Mechanical Safe?

Dec 03, 2018

Safes such as Hotel Cabinet are something we often use in our daily lives. They can help us store valuables and beware of our loss. So how do you open the safe? The following small series will introduce to you.

The safe is divided into an electronic safe and a mechanical safe. For mechanical safes, the password is assumed to be 40, 20, 35.

(1) Turn the dial clockwise to align the reference point to 40. Then continue to turn clockwise three times, which is just the set of digital alignment.

(2) Turn the dial counterclockwise one turn and continue to counterclockwise to the second group of passwords [20] to align the reference point.

(3) Turn clockwise to align [35] with the reference point.

(4) After completing the above three steps, the safe is open. Then insert the key and turn it 90° clockwise to open the safe such as Office Safe Box.

A general method of opening an electronic safe.

(1) Enter the electronic password.

(2) Insert the key and turn it 90° clockwise to open the safe door.

(3) Turn the handle to open the safe such as Household Safe Box.

Office Safe Box