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Regular maintenance of Home Safes

Feb 27, 2018

Nowadays the types of Safe Deposit Box becoming more and more various.But do you know how to maintain the Home safes.

If improper maintenance methods may also cause damage to the household safe box, then i will spread the knowledge to everyone.

In order to better maintain the Safe Box, the Safe Box should be placed in room temperature to maintain its normal use.

Pay attention to how to use the battery. Home safes batteries generally use No. 5 AAA high-quality non-leakage alkaline batteries

If there are stains on the surface of the home safe, can not be scrubbed with a chemical solvent, we should use a clean cloth moistened with a little detergent

During use, but also pay attention to the emergency power box and emergency key can not put on the safe, be sure to place outside the home safes and stored

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