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What is A High Quality Safe?

Mar 01, 2019

Many customers who have used the safe from Safe Box Manufacturer are very satisfied with it. Its quality is first-class, its performance is perfect, its security is high, its security is strong, and it can resist the most advanced and tough attack methods. It is an indispensable part of the jewelry store.

Junba safe material such as the Home Safe Box is made of high quality thick cold-rolled steel plate, laser cutting process, integrated bending and stamping forming; integral hinge structure, flexible opening completely eliminates the possibility of different axes of split hinge structure and deformation after long-term use; It is integrally formed with the box body, and the structural strength is much better than the ordinary tailor-welded box structure, anti-destructive heavy-locking device, effectively resisting illegal opening; the whole process adopts advanced technology spray treatment, the surface plastic powder has strong adhesion and uniform color. The surface is treated by degreasing, pickling phosphating, electrostatic powder spraying, high temperature heating and drying, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless; double anti-drilling and anti-smashing function of the box and the door latch; fingerprint and mechanical key for the lock Double anti-theft, fingerprints can be set and changed at will, the operation is simpler and more convenient, the confidentiality is stronger; 3 times error fingerprint alarm and vibration alarm function, equipped with emergency key, convenient to use under special circumstances; all use manual PU leather inside, when Along the environment, high-end atmosphere, taste choice.