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A Simple And Practical Way To Buy A Safe Deposit Box

Jul 31, 2018

We are a Safe Deposit Box Suppliers. Today we will learn how to choose safe deposit box.

1. Material selection of steel plate: it can be distinguished from the thickness and material of steel plate, which is related to the bearing capacity of the safe when damaged by special tools such as electric drill, cutting and saw.

2. Molding and welding: this element is related to the cabinet body and the clearance between the cabinet door and the door frame, and the function of anti-pry will be weakened if it is too large.

Iii. Anti-rust treatment: if this process is not well handled, it will affect the appearance of the box body, and seriously will cause functional damage.

4, antitheft mechanism: this one element also is the biggest characteristic of safe (box), because its inside the box body user cannot detect get, but it is the deadly key that prevents technical opening.

Finally, as a Financial Cabinet suppliers, we will provide high quality products and services, welcome to contact us!

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