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What Material Is The Safe Made Of?

Oct 12, 2018

Gb10409-2001 the material requirement of the anti-theft safe such as Hotel Cabinet China is the steel used in the anti-theft safe, whose tensile strength should not be less than 345MPa.

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National public safety standard ga166-1997 "anti-theft safe" the material requirements for the anti-theft safe box from Safe Deposit Box Suppliers are: when using ordinary mild steel plate to make box, the thickness of steel plate should not be less than 6 mm; When making a box with low carbon alloy steel, the thickness of the steel plate should not be less than 4 mm.

The safe cabinet is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate, which is made of "cement foaming" process and inlaid with 3mm thick anti-drilling steel plate.

Mechanical combination locks are made of high quality steel plates, and codes are made of aluminum.

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