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What Size is Suitable for The Safe?

Oct 19, 2018

According to oneself actual commonly, choose appropriate safe cabinet such as Household Office Safe Box size. Mainly consider from the following aspects:
1. Items that need to be stored in the safe which maybe come from Double Safe Deposit Box Supply.
If you only store small items such as jewelry, certificates, etc. then choose 350*390*330, 450*390*330, these two sizes are enough.
However, for large items such as designer bags, documents and trophies, it is recommended to choose sizes of 500*430*380, 600*430*380 and 800*520*460.
2. Location selection of safe
And then we're going to make a decision about where the safe  which comes from Safe Deposit Box Suppliers is going to be.
Additional to the family, company, the thing that safe stores is the thing with a few illicit close, expensive only, so the size of safe ark is smaller commonly. For the safe of the hotel, supermarket, the specification that buys safe is smaller than average civilian wants.

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