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How to Rent A Safe At The Bank?

Dec 11, 2018

The bank holding the ID card to the safe deposit box such as Safe Locker China business signs the Safe Deposit Box Lease Agreement and pays the deposit (the deposit and the safe deposit box are the same). Choose the type of safe deposit box (currently there are two types of mechanical lock and fingerprint lock), and choose the size of the safe deposit box according to the size of the items you want to store and store (you can consult the bank). In addition, the rent of the safe deposit box is generally calculated on an annual basis (the specific amount is determined according to the type and size of the selected safe deposit box. For example, the minimum rent for mechanical locks is 160 yuan a year), the bank unlocks the customer three times a month for free, and the rest is required. The payment is unlocked. The safe deposit box has two keys of A and B (one customer, one bank), and the two keys must be opened at the same time.

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