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The Security safe box chooses fingerprint or password?

Jul 03, 2018

The safety index of Security safe box mainly depends on the function of the lock of Security safe box. After the change of The Times and the change of technology, the lock function of safe deposit box is constantly upgraded with the development of The Times. From the original mechanical lock safe to the later password safe, and now fingerprint safe, its function is also gradually strong.

Recommended fingerprint safe for home use: the fingerprint is unique and permanent and does not change with age, so it is suitable for users of different ages. So Fingerprint unlock is the best choice for Home Security Safes.

Enterprises use the recommended digital password safe: the password safe is flexible to use, input the number can change the password, easy to operate, can achieve more functions. The enterprise personnel flows frequently, needs to change the password frequently, the operation convenience is particularly important.

In terms of price, the password will be relatively cheaper safe, fingerprint safe cost increase, the price will be relatively high, we can according to your own needs and economic conditions make corresponding choice.