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[Business Safes Supplier China]Be careful the safe box be taken away directly

May 15, 2019

Be careful the safe box be taken away directly

Safe supplied by Business Safes Supplier,must look for professional installation personnel to install, assure the sturdiness that installs, believe everybody also saw the news report that the thief holds to go safe, this is because of safe deposit box installs not firm offered opportunity to the thief, so everybody must assure its firm sex when installing safe.

Best Gun Cabinet Exporter China shares that safe selection of quality thickened cold-rolled steel, laser cutting process, integrated bending stamping molding; The interior is all hand-made PU leather, which is environmentally friendly, high-end and tasteful. Product parameters: LED digital password setting. Surface treatment, the safe surface by removing oil, acid washing phosphating, electrostatic plastic powder spraying, high temperature heating drying and other treatment, corrosion and rust, environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless. The back of the box is provided with mounting holes and expansion screws, which can fix the safe on the wall or in the furniture and other concealed places; The lock is double anti-theft with fingerprint and mechanical key, fingerprint can be set and changed at will, the operation is more simple and convenient, the confidentiality is stronger; Double anti-drilling and anti-pry functions of box body and door latch; 3 times false fingerprint alarm and vibration alarm function, equipped with emergency key, easy to use in special circumstances; Luminous key panel for easy input. High quality electronic decoder security key (optional). By default, the box is opened to the right and left without additional charge.

Best Gun Cabinet Exporter China

Safe deposit box is solid solid, the surface USES environmental protection to spray model processing, beautiful and easy, practical very strong, it is a very outstanding product, so everybody must assure its firm sex when installing safe deposit box, be carried directly by thief otherwise loss is big.