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Burglary Safes Purchase

Mar 30, 2018

Most of the burglary safe box on the market are Class A1. There are various shapes and styles of products. Consumers can purchase security safes according to their needs. Regardless of the type of anti-theft safe products purchased, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects:

1 The color of the exterior paint film (or spray film) of the anti-theft safe cabinet shall be uniform, and there shall be no obvious defects such as cracks, gowns, and spots.

2 Anti-theft safes with cabinet height ≤ 600 mm, the upper, right and left gaps of cabinet doors and door frames are ≤ 1.5 mm, and the lower gap is ≤ 2 mm. If the gap is too large, the anti-theft performance will be reduced.

3 When the quality of Type A and Type B anti-theft safes is less than 340 kg, instructions of installing fixing holes and fittings shall be provided. They shall be fixed in time according to the instructions.

4 General door of burglary safes thickness is 8 mm to 10 mm, cabinet thickness of 6 mm or more, so as to ensure the performance of anti-theft, when buying should ask the store about the thickness of the steel plate.

3C150FDG burglary safes are the high security 3C safes which are thicker and stronger than common security safes, such as home safes, dorm safes, hotel safes, jewelry safes, depository boxes and etc.

3C150FDG burglary safes