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Avoid The Five myths when buying a Commercial Safe

Apr 03, 2019

1. Covet cheap

Commercial Safes Manufacturer thinks safe box is not general decoration, common saying says "one cent, one cent goods" safe also is same, same size cabinet, the price has the difference of ten times, of visible quality not average, average company wants to buy the safe of 70cm or so, the price is between 2000-3000 yuan, just can protect somewhat to the valuables of the company. The cabinet of 3 500 yuan still does not use commonly good. Unless you just want a display.

2. You don't need a safe at home

According to iron ark safe wholesale district at present, the proportion of domestic households buy safe will be about 20%, and in some developed countries abroad family safe share is as high as 50% - 60%, Chinese family valuables custody storage security consciousness, have nots allow to ignore, and high-grade residential area is one of the main place of visit of thieves, so the family decorates a type is a good place to deposit their valuables in the safe.

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3. The heavier the safe, the better

Some friends feel to buy safe box (ark) heavier had better! Not really.

First of all, if it is made of all steel plates, the quality of the locking parts and fittings is about the same. On the other hand, if you take a safe with cement inside and compare it to the steel one, it is also likely to be heavy with cement. Say a customer is to buy insurance again, buy be at ease! Instead of buying a concrete lump wrapped in sheet iron.

Again, buy safe (ark) style is different, also have difference somewhat necessarily on weight, the dimension size that ought to choose and buy to suit oneself to put when consumer is bought and design, and not be the attention weight blindly, if the ground installed a floor for example, overweight safe presses the floor easily. Safe of beautiful home benefit expresses when safe deposit box lives in to change with each day, weight already was the most important factor no longer to safe, weight may reduce the safe deposit box of half than before, the ability that bears an attack was improved than before however a few times. Therefore, the quality of the overall performance is a better measure of product quality than the simple weight index. Accordingly, the method that consumer safe of choose and buy measures quality correctly from time to time, ability goes out error of choose and buy, buy the product that suits oneself truly.

4. Business Safes , information cabinet, anti - magnetic cabinet is the same

The information ark that a lot of companies are equipped with now, a lot of people think to had information ark to need not safe, actually safe and information ark are different, safe basically is used at preventing theft, some take along fire prevention. So focus on the precision of the lock, manufacturing steel thickening, lock thickening and other anti-theft performance. The information cabinet is mainly used to store media containing important information, such as paper, disk, disc, precision instruments, etc. So focus on fire, moisture, anti - magnetic, anti - static and other functions to strengthen.

Safe main function: anti-theft fire prevention;

Main function of information cabinet: fire and anti-magnetic.

Anti - magnetic cabinet is to prevent the main disk, disk is magnetized.

5.The safe usually keep appearance clean can, is need not maintain

A lot of clients bought safe to be put there after no matter, open when using, need not place a few months likely no matter it, actually safe also is to need to maintain, below safe says the daily maintenance of safe: should keep secret and keep in mind open password; To protect the "management key"; Keep the manufacturer's service number; To keep the keyhole clean, do not force open; Replace the battery regularly; To avoid strong impact caused by alarm affect work and life; Please place it in an inconspicuous place; Please choose to install the connected alarm device. The correct method of use and maintenance, can let the safe in the use of life and appearance to be protected.