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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Safe Box

Mar 27, 2019

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Safe Box

Common safe adopted the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of password.

The more common safe cabinet products from Business Safes Supplier in the market, the common password is: mechanical class, electronic class, card brush, fingerprint class and remote control password box and so on, and the use of more or in front of several types, the following on the different types of password analysis of its advantages and disadvantages:

1.The mechanical password is relatively stable, durable, and does not need power supply. However, the operation method is relatively slow, inconvenient and requires professionals to modify the password.

2.Electronic password has the advantages of fast operation, easy to change the password and so on. Although these years the price of electronic password lock down, the quality also improved, but because of more complex, so the stability and durability than mechanical password.

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3.Card type lock can use his bank card to open the door of safe supplied from Commercial Safes Manufacturer, but if the requirement of IC card and strong magnetic things put on a piece, it is not good to use!

4.Fingerprint in this world is very difficult to find the same, so the fingerprint identification technology applied to the safe, strong confidentiality, easy to use. However the dry humidity requirement of the opponent is stricter! The identification of finger position is also quite stiff! Even if it is the same finger, if the position before and before the opening door is not the same, it is possible to identify the failure!

5.If the need is a higher anti-theft performance safe, choose the safe should not have emergency key (spare key) hole, because the emergency key although the location is hidden, but if the thief is found, only through the emergency key can open the safe directly, with a very big security risks. But choose this kind of safe, in case forgot password and missing key really, so can open forcibly through external force only.