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What If The Fingerprint Entry To The Safe Deposite Box Is Unsuccessful?

Apr 11, 2019

What if the fingerprint entry is unsuccessful?

Safe deposit box supplied by Business Safes Supplier,is a commonly used protective device, whether in the home or business, which can help users store valuables, such as jewelry, jewelry, certificates or documents. Although use safe deposit box to deposit article to do not fall absolutely safe, but average family, business is used do not have a problem.

There is a fingerprint safe deposit box, compared to the password safe and more secure, but if there is a fault maintenance is also more trouble, today Best Gun Cabinet Exporter will tell you how to solve if you encounter fingerprint identification.

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If the fingerprint registered at the time of use fails to pass, the following solutions can be adopted:

1. If the finger is pressed correctly, please place it correctly.

2. Fingerprint is not well collected during registration, please register again.

3. Poor texture of fingers, please replace other fingers.

4. Dry fingers, please add water.

In fact, some of the failures of the safe is not complex, to solve the word is very simple, if it can not be solved to contact the manufacturer after-sales, after-sales personnel will be very patient to help solve.