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How to choose the Security Safes

Oct 26, 2017

Modern home decoration without the trend of the lock, the increasingly frequent social life, home often ask the case of foreign workers more need the Security Safes.

How to choose the Security Safes? We Should pay attention to the following tips

1.selection of the steel plate: from the plate thickness and material to identify;

2. molding and welding;

3.the anti-rust treatment: will affect the appearance of the box, severe cases will cause functional damage;

4.anti - theft agencies;

5.the lock: damage the lock and imitate the key will destroy the heart of the anti-theft agencies

6.auxiliary spare parts: spare parts should ensure the reliability of its performance;

7.appearance: safe has gradually get rid of bulky, monotonous, organic combination with the home environment is the development trend of safe products;

8.the strength of manufacturers and brands;

We are professional manufacturer of Commercial Safes and Hotel Cabinet.Choose the coorect security safes to create a safe environment.

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