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Improper safe maintenance methods are more prone to problems

Jun 05, 2019

Improper safe maintenance methods are more prone to problems

Maintain safe is of knack, it is not like the desk and chair bench in the home is wiped with wet dishcloth can be wiped, want to know if the method that maintains safe is incorrect, can cause harm to its, affect exterior gently beautiful, heavy cannot be used.

So what's the right way to maintain a safe? Commercial  Safes Manufacturer would like to tell you:

The client used incorrect maintenance method to maintain the safe, for example, some chemicals will erode the safe, will make it appear the phenomenon of paint off, if the safe surface has stains, can not be swabbed with chemical solvent, to use a clean dishcloth with a little cleaner to scrub.

If with corrosive chemical solvent scrubbing on the surface of the safe and easy to make its surface paint cracks, discoloration, oxidation, rust, so usually in a clean, safe should be paid attention to with a clean cloth with a little detergent to wash, to ensure it does not corrode, usually also should pay attention not to stick to a safe corrosive liquid or place it in again in the environment of corrosive gas.

Commercial  Safes Manufacturer

Keep safe in room temperature.

Safe is in the environment with damp and corrosive gas, perhaps be in sunshine and ultraviolet ray intense illuminate falls, can make its surface paint crack, become angry, plastic becomes angry, ageing, the surface rusts, oxidize, electronic component performance is not stable, cause fault easily.

So in order to better maintain the safe, it should be placed in the room temperature of the room, to ensure its normal use.

Usually handling safe must be careful, do not knock to where, if knock to, not only will appear paint off, may also make cabinet put oneself in another's position appear the mark of the impact, very affect the appearance, so we must be careful when handling the safe.

Above is the correct way to maintain the safe, we must do according to the Commercial Safes Supplier told you. Regular maintenance of its clean, so that the appearance of the safe more beautiful, better performance, longer life oh!