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Quality Is The Best Channel To Seize The Safe Box Market

Mar 20, 2019

Hundred years plan, quality is the first, quality is benefit, safe deposit box wants to win a client and market, must want to raise the quality of safe deposit box to just go, what consumer values most is the quality problem of safe deposit box, quality was improved, won the eyeball of consumer naturally.

The safe quality that the Commercial Safes Manufacturer produces has safeguard very much, and security and anti-theft sex are very high, the safe that place produces chooses high grade cold rolled steel plate, have the performance that resists damage. The surface adopts spray treatment, beautiful and generous. The product USES the high quality steel plate ramming molding import chip dual circuit design multifunctional blue screen display abnormal opening and locking function, 1-8 digit arbitrary combination input password mechanical armor protection mechanism, multi-point security system Settings, anti-radiation anti-rust durable. Handle with gear and rack transmission mechanism, dexterous, smooth, equipped with expansion screws, can be fixed on the wall, cryptographic cryptographic function, automatic and vibration alarm setting function, high-quality anti-drilling lock, clockwise rotation to open the door lock, specially reinforced nylon roller, rolling more flexible and noiseless.

Commercial Safes Supplier

Solid chrome plated steel fasteners, three-side fasteners, anti-drilling, anti-dial, anti-pry, self-locking four-in-one, more reliable; Lock parts choose split intelligence mechanical, electronic password, fingerprint lock, double circuit and super-control lock design, let you rest assured; The yield strength of 10mm high quality low-carbon alloy steel is 25-150% higher than that of ordinary steel plate, and it is impact resistant and deformable. Detachable high strength nylon roller, non-destructive floor safety design; The core drive mechanism of the safe adopts mould production, which has few welding spots, resistance to impact and invariability to ensure the product to be firm and durable for a lifetime.

Commercial Safes Supplier knows the importance of quality for the safe, so in the production of safe is very strict strict, every product has passed the layers of checks, strict screening, quality can stand the test, to ensure that every product sent to your hands are boutique oh!