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The Difference Between a Burglar Safe And a Burglar Safe

Mar 13, 2019

Anti-theft safe is a special container, China has strict requirements for the production of anti-theft safe, the purchase of these requirements have a preliminary understanding.

Commercial Safes Supplier expresses according to different password working principle, safe of guard against theft can divide again for mechanical insurance and electronic insurance two kinds, the characteristic of former is the price is cheaper, performance is more reliable. Most of the early safes were mechanical safes. Electronic safe deposit box is the electronic lock that controls means of the intelligence such as electronic password, IC card to apply to safe deposit box, its characteristic is to use convenient, especially when using in guesthouse, need often change password, because this USES electronic password safe deposit box, more convenient.

Commercial Safes Manufacturer says safe deposit box of guard against theft the most important is to want to have prevent to destroy a function, still have the function such as alarm at the same time. The state and the ministry of public security on the quality of anti-theft safe deposit box is very important, respectively in Shanghai and Beijing to set up the ministry of public security security alarm system product quality supervision, inspection and testing center and the ministry of public security security and police electronic product quality testing center, responsible for the production of anti-theft safe deposit box supervision and testing. Because this consumer is choosing this kind of product, must buy the product that classics checks eligible, make safe deposit box has the effect of insurance truly.