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Some Things to Pay Attention to When Ordering A Safe

Jan 14, 2019

Customized safes such as the Home Safe Box are a kind of purchase method that has been quietly popular in the past two years. It is mainly for the need to store large items or special items. It can determine how much size to use according to the needs of consumers. It is also possible to determine some performance parameters according to some consumer needs, but because it is not long before, many consumers are not very familiar with it, it is easy to be misled by some bad manufacturers, in order to solve this problem, Junba Safety Box Manufacturer told Some questions you need to pay attention to before buying.

Financial Deposit Cabinet

Customized safe seven points of attention:

1. Calculate the approximate amount and required capacity of the stored items.

2. Select the desired function (fireproof, anti-theft, anti-magnetic or multiple).

3. Formulate the budget.

4. Learn more about whether the product warranty period and after-sales service are sound.

5. Select the placement location based on product weight and safety considerations (recommended for collaborative business personnel survey).

6. order safe, prepaid deposit and negotiated delivery date.

7. After the safe such as the Financial Deposit Cabinet is delivered, confirm that the product specifications are met, and the warranty book and the original certificate are correct, and the acceptance is completed.