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Five mistakes in the purchase of commercial safes

Jun 29, 2019

Five mistakes in the purchase of safes

One: cheaper

Commercial  Safes Manufacturer shares that the safe is not a general display. As the saying goes, "one penny, one item" is the same. The same size cabinet has a price difference of ten times. It can be seen that the quality is not normal. Generally, the company has to buy about 70cm. The safe, the price between 2000-3000 yuan, will protect the company's valuables. Three or five hundred yuan cabinets are generally not used well. Unless you just want a display.

Two: no need for safe at home

According to statistics from the wholesale area of iron safes, the proportion of domestic households purchasing safes is about 20%, while in some developed countries, the share of household safes is as high as 50%-60%. The safety awareness of storage is weak, and it cannot be ignored. The high-end residential area is also one of the main places for thieves to visit. Therefore, the home-decorated safe is a good place for storing valuables.

Three: the safer the sink, the better

Some friends think that the safer (cabinet) is the heavier the better! This is not the case.

First of all, if it is made of all steel plates, the quality of the locks and accessories is almost the same, the heavier the better! On the contrary, if you take a cement-filled safe and an all-steel ratio, it is also likely to be heavy. Besides, customers are buying insurance and buying it with confidence! Instead of buying a cement concrete wrapped in thin iron.

Once again, the style of the safe (cabinet) is different, and the weight is also different. Consumers should purchase the size and style that suits their needs, rather than paying attention to the weight. For example, if the floor is installed, An overweight safe can easily crush the floor. Jiajiali safe means that when the safe is becoming more and more household, the weight is no longer the most important factor for the safe. The weight may be half the size of the original safe, and the ability to withstand attacks is several times higher than the original. Therefore, the quality of the overall performance is more measurable than the simple weight indicator. Therefore, consumers have the right way to measure the quality when purchasing a safe, in order to get out of the wrong buying habits and buy products that are really suitable for them.

Commercial  Safes Manufacturer

Four: safe, information cabinet, anti-magnetic cabinet is the same

Nowadays, many companies are equipped with information cabinets. Many people think that there is no safe for information cabinets. In fact, safes and information cabinets are different. The safes are mainly used for theft prevention and some are fireproof. Therefore, it focuses on the precision of the lock, the thickening of the manufactured steel, and the reinforcement of the lock bolt. Information cabinets are mainly used to store media containing important information such as paper, magnetic disks, optical disks, precision instruments, etc. Therefore, it focuses on the strengthening of fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-magnetic, anti-static and other functions.

The main function of the safe: anti-theft and fire prevention;

The main function of the information cabinet: fireproof and antimagnetic.

The anti-magnetic cabinet is mainly to prevent the disc from being magnetized.

Five: The safe can keep the appearance clean, it is maintenance-free.

Many customers buy the safe and leave it there. It will be opened once. It will not be used for a few months. In fact, the safe needs to be maintained. The safe below will tell you the safe. Daily maintenance: keep confidential and remember to open the password; protect the "management key"; keep the manufacturer's service call; keep the keyhole clean, do not force it open; replace the battery regularly; avoid the impact of the impact caused by strong impact Life; please place it in an inconspicuous position; please choose to install a networked alarm device. The correct method of use and maintenance can protect the safe in terms of age and appearance.

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