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Five hidden dangers of safe theft

Jul 19, 2019

Five hidden dangers of safe theft shared by Commercial Safes Supplier.

At present, many companies equipped with safes still have theft incidents, carefully explore the reasons, found that many theft cases, the cause of the theft of safes often lies in the company's safe management there are many hidden dangers:

1. Safe user:

Use of safe personnel and miscellaneous circumstances, confidentiality is poor, easy to cause password key leakage and property loss. Full-time users and full-time opening personnel shall be provided.

2. Safe password setting:

Set up many property management personnel, thought the safe password of the Digital Steel Safes box is stolen, but the safety of password also 扥 directly influences the safe defense capability, digits long, digital low repetition rate of password security degree is high, not easy to be cracked, and digit short, set up a simple password is easy to see through and easily break through the safe guard.

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3. Safe password management:

The password of the safe should not be fixed. If the safe structure is not fixed, the password should be changed when appropriate, such as the cashier changes his job, the custodian leaves his job, and the property with high degree of custody should be changed regularly.

The password after leaving the factory has not been changed, or the property management personnel's frequent transfer, often in the case of many people to open the password, it is easy to cause the password disclosure.

4. Safe key management:

The key may be separately handed over to the safe use department and the enterprise security department for safekeeping, which shall be sealed.

For example, ever had the safe management that the enterprise pays attention to financial department only, defend a branch to do not have good however seal up a system, gave certain outlaw element to have an opportunity, when he steals after overcontrolling key, bypass password password very easily, opened safe.

5. Formulation of rules for daily use of safe:

Only if the relevant system is established, can it be carried out according to the law.

For example: holiday full two days or more or related personnel left two days or more did not send a person to work on behalf of its, should be in the safe lock hole seal, when working in place to uncover the seal. The lack of such a system has led to the theft of property days before it was discovered.

Visible, no safe management system of the enterprise, it is very easy to cause the use of personnel with the sex, once a theft accident, may even solve the case without clues to check.

Therefore, the application of the real management of the safe, in order to truly prevent.