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How to purchase a safe deposit box

May 22, 2019

To buy a safe, you must know the following common sense shared by Commercial  Safes Manufacturer.

1, steel plate selection: from the thickness of the steel plate, material, origin, etc., to identify, these are related to the use of drill, cutting and chainsaw and other special tools damage, the bearing capacity of the safe.

2, forming and welding: this element is related to the cabinet body and the clearance between the cabinet door and the door frame, the excessive pry function is weakened.

3, anti-rust treatment: if this process is not handled properly, it will affect the appearance of the box, or even cause functional damage.

4, anti-theft agency: this element is also the biggest characteristic of the safe, because it is in the box inside the user can not detect, but it is the fatal key to prevent technical opening.

Commercial  Safes Manufacturer

5, lock: if the anti-theft mechanism is a face, the lock is the most important point, because the destruction of the lock and copy the key will destroy the heart of the anti-theft mechanism

6, auxiliary parts: the handling of spare parts shall ensure their reliable performance to cope with the ever-changing service environment.

7, appearance: safe has gradually get rid of bulky, monotonous, and home environment organic combination is the development trend of safe products.

8, the strength of manufacturers and brand: the brutal market competition makes the survival of the fittest products, only high-quality products to ensure that manufacturers in an invincible position.

9, after-sale service: safe is a kind of special goods, it a problem, must have concentration, professional after-sales service team,Our Digital Steel Safes box at any time to ensure that users do not have any worries.