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Can You Really Distinguish a Safe Box And A Treasure Box?

Mar 09, 2018

For the average consumer, it is easy to confuse the concepts of safe box, safe cabinet, treasure bins and safe deposit box.

Strictly speaking, safe deposit boxes and treasure bins were proposed by the Ministry of Public Security. AQSIQ and CNCA issued an announcement in 2004 that listed anti-theft safes (cabinets) as a national mandatory product certification catalog. The safe box (cabinet) in the sense must pass 3C certification, for example the burglary safe 3C.

At present, there are quite a few products on the market that have not passed the 3C certification, so they cannot be called safe boxes (cabinets), so they can only be called safe deposit boxes or treasure bins. Manufacturers often call products that less than 45 centimeters (including 45 centimeters) tall as a treasure bin, which corresponds to the name of a safe box. A product with a height of more than 45 cm is called a safe deposit box, which corresponds to the name of the safe cabinet. As a result, safe deposit boxes and treasure bins get their names.

burglary safe 3C