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Do You Really Know The Safe Cabinet?

Mar 05, 2018

Safe cabinet is a special type of container. according to its functions, they are mainly divided into fire safes and burglar safes, anti-magnetic safes, financial safe cabinet, gun safe cabinet, safe deposit box, hotel cabinet and so on. Most of the safe on the market for the first two. According to different password working principle, theft safe (box) can be divided into two types of mechanical insurance and electronic insurance, the former is characterized by cheaper prices, with more reliable performance. Most of the early safe cabinet are mechanical safes. electronic safes (boxes) are electronic locks, IC cards and other intelligent control of electronic locks applied to the safe (box), which is characterized by easy to use, especially when used in hotels, the need to change the password frequently, so the use of electronic password safe (box), it is more convenient.

The safe cabinet dates back to the Middle Ages. Occasionally, in medieval paintings, a wooden cabinet full of gold and silver jewelry is seen as the prototype of a modern safe. Various high-tech security technology continues to develop, the corresponding crack technology is also the continuous development of the user more inclined to choose safer, better protection of property safe, therefore, the safe cabinet industry continues to develop, such as face recognition, automatically camera when open the cabinet , network alarm safes and more safe products.