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Electronic Password Security Safes Emergency Opening Method

Apr 19, 2018

With the advancement of science and technology, the use of electronic password safes is increasingly used in modern home life. It is believed that everyone will not be unfamiliar with electronic password safes. Most people have encountered safety deposit boxes during the use of electronic password safes. In the absence of electricity, the following is a detailed description of the solution to the lack of electricity in electronic password safes. Let's look at them together.

Safety Deposit Boxes

1. Some electronic password security safes are locked behind the trademark hidden in the red box. When the electronic password safe has no electricity, you can use the emergency door open function to open the safe.

  2, the electronic password safe emergency door to open the spare lock is often set in secret, open the door with a spare key, set the password after the door opened, but also normal use. Of course, the premise is that your emergency key is outside.

  3, if the emergency key is not in place, you can also use the emergency power box to install the battery, plug in the outside of the jack, enter the password, and then open the safe key to open it.