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In the era of smart home, thieves have nowhere to go

Apr 17, 2019

In the era of smart home, thieves have nowhere to go

Fireproof Safe Box Manufacturer shares that for today's young people, it is an era of the Internet to start flying, is also belongs to the 21st century a new era of science and technology, at the same time in the rapid development of intelligent enterprise, they constantly exploration, innovation, change, want to be able to and the trajectory of the era of be in harmony are an organic whole, so as a product of this era intelligent household will is the best embodiment

Intelligent safe, keep precious memories

Nowadays the public security problem of the city is always so unsatisfactory, the case of pilfer crime is everywhere, this brought the menace in the eye to the property of individual, family! No matter how rich or poor, everyone has some of their own treasures, or gold and silver jewelry or cash checks or antique handmade, etc., the house in a prominent place in the home, there will always be a little bit of unease in the heart, so this has also prompted people to the family safe increasingly high demand!

Home is said to have stolen the crowd, mostly in the life will become more cautious, so can not only acquire a smart safe for home to buy a reassuring, but to really solve the trouble back at home, a truly safe home safe moment should be able to give users a safe guard, can always transfer of security for the user! Have its existence, let thieves also at a loss what to do!

                                Fireproof Safe Box

First let's have a look at this bawete fingerprint safe. First of all, the built-in partition of the cabinet can be moved and adjusted, so that your precious baby can be installed at will. Double fingerprint open mode, so that the safety is always held in the palm of your hand! Double deck cabinet and special fireproof material design are only for the safe and secure storage of your treasures!

Come to understand the safe of an electron again, the electronic password of intelligence opened means to better annotate the life style of intelligent household, the electronic lock that German installs entrance originally is the gate that adds a quality to safeguard more for security, 6 digit code, 100 thousand kinds of Numbers are combined, let your treasure from now on safe and carefree!

The life is changeless change, living standard also is in ceaseless rise, want to give the gem in the home a more safe deposit place, be inferior to choosing a proper intelligence safe first, let safety begin from intelligence household!

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