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Safe deposit box? (Yes, we only do boutique)

May 08, 2019

Safe deposit box? (Yes, we only do boutique)

We buy a product, nature is want to be able to spend the least money to buy the best product, but obviously this is not realistic, Gun Cabinet China shares that especially for this kind of safe protection facilities, we choose the safe is designed to prevent others to steal our items, but if the safe cannot meet the protection requirements of choose and buy, so there's no point in the choose and buy the product, so low quality safe is not optional.

Gun Safe Box China  is made of high qualified steel plate stamping and forming double imported chip circuit design blue screen will display abnormal open lock function, 1-8 digits in any combination of input password mechanical armor protection agencies, more security system set up double alarm Settings: vibration alarm, wrong password three times alarm insurer PICC China covered by insurance against liability for quality in pickling, passivation and surface electrostatic spraying are in accordance with the standardization process, anti-radiation anti-rust durable. Product composition: built-in special fire materials, fire, theft prevention, economic and practical, beautiful and generous.

Gun Safe Box China

Movable partition, free space, follow one's inclinations. Locked drawer, a separate storage space. Strong hole, fastening bolt is tightly combined with the wall to effectively prevent abnormal moving. High quality thickened steel plate, integral forming, seam welding, strict structure, can prevent pry carry, electric drill, steam cutting, heavy weight impact and other damage. High precision combination password; Ten thousand Numbers, arbitrary combination, effectively prevent malicious guess. Anti-drilling and anti-lock technology open eccentric lock, built-in strengthening anti-drilling pieces, with anti-drilling, anti-pry insurance function, safety performance comprehensive improvement.

If you like low quality goods, please close us, because we are not the same kind, that is not called quality; If you like the taste of safe, please pay attention to us, because we are the same pursuit of taste! If you like high quality safe, please continue to pull down, because we only do boutique!