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Custom safe box needs to pay attention to some matters

Apr 24, 2019

Custom-built safe is nearly two years quietly popular a kind of way of choose and buy, it is mainly aimed at some larger items or special items need to be stored, it can be used with very according to the demands of consumers to determine how big the specifications, can also according to some of consumer demand to determine the performance parameters of some, but it is just come out before long, many consumers also is not very understanding, to its easily misled by some bad vendors, in order to solve this problem under the Gun Safe Cabinet Manufacturer would like tell you some problems need to be aware of before the choose and buy.

Gun Safe Cabinet

Custom safe seven points for attention:

1. Calculate the approximate amount of storage items and the required capacity.

2. Select the required function (fire, theft, antimagnetic or both).

3. Budget.

4. Know in detail whether the warranty period and after-sales service are sound.

5. Select the location according to the product weight and safety considerations (it is recommended to cooperate with business personnel to explore).

6. Order the safe, deposit in advance and negotiate the delivery date.

7. After the safe is delivered, confirm that the product specification is in conformity with the warranty and the original factory certificate is correct, and complete acceptance.

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