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The confirmation method of the safe box

Dec 15, 2017

With the development of the society, the safe box has entered our life. People used a safe deposit box at home, and the hotel used hotel cabinet. So it is very important to confirm the safe box,Here are several ways below:

a.Check the 3C mark be destroyed or not.

b.The logo of the 3C 3C is white and black.

c.The "S, EMC and S&E" on the left side of the "CCC" are dark red under the fluorescence, and the "CCC" graphic can also be found in the "CCC".

d.Look at random Numbers. This is where the CCC mark is least likely to be counterfeited, and each mandatory product certification mark has a unique code. Certification marks distribution management center in the mandatory product certification marks, which are coded corresponding products input computer database, customers can through the state compulsory product certification marks anti-counterfeiting query system for query code.