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What Does A High Quality Safe Look Like?

Feb 20, 2019

Inferior safes abound, many customers are unlucky to buy inferior safes, mostly because consumers do not know enough about the safe, or are cheated, so Do you know what a high quility quality safe is like such as our Hotel Cabinet?

The high-quality safe such as Hotel Safe Box is made of high-quality steel plate and is formed by one-time stamping. It has the characteristics of less solder joints and smooth appearance. Removable high-strength nylon casters, vandal-proof armor protection mechanism, multi-point safety system settings. From the pre-treatment of pickling, phosphating and passivation to the surface electrostatic spraying rate, the anti-corrosion and anti-rust are durable. It adopts advanced and high-grade LCD electronic code locks; it is equipped with advanced anti-tapping, moving and tilting internal alarm devices. A reinforced 30mm round steel door bolt is used, which is designed around safety science. Passed the national CCC quality certification.

safe box